Historic Buildings & Mill Renovations


At T3-FMS, we have been lucky to be a part of the reconstruction of historic mills and other such derelict buildings in the NC and SC region. These projects, as large as they are, can be timely and expensive to undertake. With years of experience renovating historical buildings, we have an understanding of the intricacies involved; including preventing potential safety issues, mitigating costs, and restoring historical accuracy. Our crews on-site are not only trained and insured, but led by industry experts to make sure every day goes as productivity as possible.

Just in the past year, we have started 2 large-scale historical renovations in the Charlotte area; one of which we have just broken ground on in the beautiful downtown of Mt. Holly. The other major project, that we are most focused on, is Thomkins Hall. Just north of Uptown Charlotte, this project has anywhere from 50 to 500 workers each day on site. Working on these 2 sites, we have our project managers on their toes, consistently making sure everything is running smoothly and safely.

Being a growing company of 50+ employees we can handle almost any trade or problem that may come up. The services we have experience with, when it comes to historical preservation are vast, ranging from masonry to heavy timber.

For more information on our mill work or to simply ask about a job, e-mail Tom Jackson at Thomas.Jackson@T3-FMS.com